This trail connects some of the most interesting monuments in Romania, which stand at the foundations of the Romanian people. The trail starts from the center of Sarmizegetusa village and goes towards Haţeg on the national road. Then it quickly turns left and enters Breazova village. From there you pass through the fields towards Peșteana, where you can visit the two medieval churches, one orthodox and the other reformed. Also in Peșteana you can visit the Haţeg Village Museum and a 40 minutes hike gets you to the Pesteana Swamp natural reserve with carnivorous plants.
From Peșteana the asphalt road goes to Densuș, where you will see the most renowned stone church in Romania, which is still in use as the only orthodox church in the village. Then you continue eastward through Hăţăgel and Totești, admiring Retezat and Parâng mountains on the right.
From Totești you turn right and then left at the Păclișa church. The trail goes over the dam and into Sânpetru village. Here you can visit the medieval church and the House of Traditions and House of Dwarf Dinosaurs. Then follow the road south through Unciuc, Cârnești and Ostrov. Here you can visit the old church sorrounded by roman stones. The last part of the trail passes through Clopotiva village, where you can still find traditional households, and where one of the best paragliding spots in Romania is located. The trail then returns to Sarmizegetusa, on the national road.


Trail: Sarmizegetusa – Breazova – Peșteana – Densuș – Hățăgel – Totești – Păclișa – Sânpetru – Unciuc – Cârnești – Ostrov – Clopotiva – Sarmizegetusa
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 h
Altitude Difference: 250 m
Difficulty: Low
Observations: The trail can be used in all seasons.


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