The trail starts from the center of Sălașu de Sus village, through the field between the Sibișel and Sălașu valleys towards the north-west. Here you can admire to the south the peaks of the Retezat mountains. In Bărăștii Haţegului village, the trail turns left, on the asphalt road, towards Săcel village. Here you will pass by a castle where Franz Nopcsa lived, the scientist who discovered the Haţeg dinosaurs more than 100 years ago. On the Sibișel Valley towards the south, the trail follows the Dinosaur Valley, where three geosites mark the places where fossils from the upper Cretaceous were discovered. On the valley, the Haţeg Country UNESCO Global Geopark created interpretation points: House of Traditions, House of Dwarf Dinosaurs and House of Stones. If you want to visit them, be sure to inform them ahead of the schedule and other conditions. After you pass through Ohaba Sibișel, cross the stream through the water and then follow the road up until you reach Nucșoara village. On the main road, you turn left and arrive back to Sălașu de Sus. On this road, you can visit the Center of Retezat National Park and Biosphere Reeserve, and, close to Sălașu de Sus, the Dafodils’ Cearing.


Trail: Sălașu de Sus – Bărăștii Hațegului – Săcel – Sânpetru – Sibișel –
Ohaba Sibișel – Nucșoara – Mălăiești – Sălașu de Sus
Time: 6:00 – 6:30 h
Altitude Difference: 378 m
Difficulty: Moderate
Observation:  The trail can be used in all seasons.


Mountain trail towards Pietrele cabin
Trail 4 – Monuments
Trail 1 – Behind the Carriage
Trail 7 – Piatra Mățeștilor
Trail 10 – Sălașe
Trail 11 – Dâljii Valley

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