Codrin Hut in Cârnic (alt. 1005 m)

Access: from Ohaba-de-sub-Piatră follow road DJ 667A through Sălașu de Jos, Sălașu de Sus, Mălăiești and Nucșoara villages to Cârnic (18 km from Ohaba, 6 km from Nucșoara).

Pietrele Hut (alt. 1480 m)

Access: from Ohaba-de-sub-Piatră (railway station), on DJ 667A through Sălașu de Jos, Sălașu de Sus, Mălăiești, Nucșoara, Cârnic follow blue stripemarking until you get to the hut.

Buta Hut (alt. 1580 m)

Access: from Cheile Buții Tourist Complex follow the blue stripe marking until you get to the hut.

Genţiana Shelter (alt. 1670 m)

Access: from Cârnic, follow blue stripe marking to Pietrele Hut on the route to Bucura Lake until you get to the shelter.


For information on the condition of the refuges and the accessibility of the routes, contact the Salvamont Service: +40 725 826 668 or

Pelegii Clearing Shelter (alt. 1,678 m)
Access: from Clopotiva go up Râului Mare Valley, go past Tomeasa dam and from Gura Apelor Forestry Office turn left on Lăpușnicului Mare Valley to Poiana Pelegii, blue dot marking.

Buta Shelter (alt. 1,600 m)
Access: from Cheile Buții up to Buta Hut, blue stripe marking.

Stâna de Râu Shelter (alt. 1,680 m)
Access: the tarmac road from DN 66 (E79), Pui village, goes to Hobița on DJ 667 where you can turn left to Râului Bărbat Valley (forestry road) until you get to Stâna de Râu, red dot marking.

Baleia Shelter (alt. 1,410 m)
Access: the tarmac road from DN 66 (E79), Pui village, goes to Hobița on DJ 667 where you can turn right on a forestry road until you get to local Forestry Office, red stripe marking.

Râușor Mountain Rescue Base (alt. 1,280 m)
Access: From Hațeg, on tarmac road DN 68 until you get to Cârnești, then on DJ 685 up to Râu de Mori where you can turn left and keep going about 9 km on Râușor Valley up to Râușor area.

Bucura Shelter (alt. 2,070 m)
Access: blue stripe (Ohaba de sub Piatră – Cârnic – Cabana Pietrele – Refugiul Gențiana – Lacul Bucura – Poiana Pelegii).

Condor Shelter (alt. 1,770 m)
Access: from Râu de Mori up to Râușor (ski slope) on DJ 686, then Șteviei Valley to Retezat Peak, red stripe marking.

Zănoaga Shelter (alt. 2,000 m)
Access: from Gura Zlata Hut, Academiei Hut on Zlătuia Valley, up to Zănoaga Lake, red triangle marking, and from Gura Apei Forestry Office on Zlata Peak – Zănoaga Lake, blue cross marking.

Tulișor Shelter (alt. 1,700 m)
Access: from Baru Mare along Bărișorului Valley, yellow cross marking.


Camping in Retezat National Park is allowed only in places specially designated by the park administration: Poiana Pelegii, Valea Lăpușnicului Mare, Pietrele, Bucura, Stâna de Râu, Buta, Râușor and Zănoaga.

It is forbidden to dig ditches around the tent and to destroy the vegetation (mountain pine, moss etc.) in order to set up your camp. Camping places are for quiet relaxation rather than noisy parties.

In order to avoid unwanted guests, please collect all the waste, even the biodegradable remains. Otherwise you risk experiencing dangerous encounters with bears that have turned to scavenging because of people, or with dog packs turned wild.