The trail starts from the Retezat National Park – Biosphere Reserve Visitor Centre south towards Nucșoara village, and then until the bridge over Nucșoara Valley. After the bridge turn right on the blue triangle trail which goes to the Colț fortress. You leave the triangle trail and go right towards Ohaba Sibișel village, where you can see an old whirlpool and a water mill.
You go further north to Sibișel village where you follow a dirt road at the end of the village. You go over the grassland and through the forest to Valea Dâljii village. From here you go over the ridge and turn right on the asphalt road. You reach Sânpetru village where you can visit the medieval church, the House of Dwarf Dinosaurs and the House of Traditions. You continue south towards Ohaba Sibișel having in front of you the beautiful landscape of northern Retezat Mountains. At the end of the village you cross the bridge and follow a dirt road.
You keep left and cross the Nucșoara river through the water, then you go up a steep road150m and follow the asphalt road to Nucșoara village. On the main road in the village you turn left and follow the road until you get back to the Visitor Centre.


Trail: Centrul de vizitare al Parcului Național Retezat – Nucșoara – Viaduct Nucșoara – Ohaba Sibișel – Sibișel – Valea Dâljii – lângă barajul Ostrov – Unciuc – Sânpetru – Sibișel – OhabaSibișel – Nucșoara – Centrul de vizitare al Parcului Național Retezat
Altitude Difference: 507 m
Time: 5:00 h
Difficulty: Moderate
Observation: The trail can be used in all seasons.


Mountain trail towards Pietrele cabin

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