If you want to experience a rush of adrenaline, you can hike to Râușor (near the Mountain Rescue service).

The suspended trail is open all year around and all you need in order to complete it is a little courage, strong will and, above all, compliance with some basic rules that your supervisor will lay down for you before you set off on your little adventure.

The trail was done in an environmentally-friendly way, without any nails. The struggle with one’s own sense of balance, with one’s own fear and one’s wish to make it to the end starts with an “Indian” bridge followed by the suspended logs and the fisherman’s net. Once you have reached the end, you are rewarded with a zip-wire descent covering an 85 metre distance.

You must inform the staff of Râușor Mountain Rescue service about your intention to go on the trail (0254 890600). For groups of two, three or four, you will have a supervisor. For bigger groups, there will be at least two supervisors.

The trail can be attempted only if wearing safety gear, which can be hired (30 lei for adults and 15 lei for children). The total time needed for the trail is anything between 50 minutes and two hours, depending on everyone’s physical abilities.