It is very easy to get to Ţara Haţegului – Retezat due to the large network of transportation routes that cross the area. You can therefore access this ecotourism destination by train, bus or car, while air connections can be covered by the closest airports from Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureș and Timişoara.

Auto AccesS

You can access the area via roads E79 Târgu Jiu – Petroşani – Haţeg – Simeria (Deva) and DN68 caransebeş – Haţeg; then county and communal roads will provide access within the destination.

Bus Access

Access by bus in the area is provided by national and local private companies.

Train Access

It is very easy to arrive in the destination by train due to the railway line which crosses the area from north to the south. This ensures the connection between Simeria – Subcetate – Petroșani, while the most important railway station from the area is Subcetate, the only place where the InterRegio trains stop. Regio trains serve all the others railway stations: Ohaba de sub Piatră, Pui, etc.

Direct connections: București Nord, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara Nord, Arad, Mangalia, Craiova


Distance from airports

Haţeg – Sibiu (SBZ) – 136 km
Hațeg – Timișoara (TSR) – 175 km
Haţeg – Târgu Mureș (TGM) – 201 km
Haţeg – Cluj Napoca (CLJ) – 190 km



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