Here the trail Behind the carriage begins. Around ”La Scoabă” site you can climb up to the former military base and from here after you go through the forest, you will meet Retezat Mountains. On your way, you will encounter colorful meadows with wildflowers and butterflies, small glades into the forest, and you will go up to the top of the Săreanu hill where you will see the peaks and valleys of the Șureanu, Parâng, Apuseni and Retezat mountains and also the villages from the Haţeg depression to the Iron Gate of Transylvania. From here you will go down to the Sibișel valley, you will pass near the old water-powered sawmill and, going along the river, you will enter the Ohaba-Sibișel village. The road is paved and it passes by the stone fences, the water mill, the whirlpool, where you can wash your clothes, and by the village museum of Ohaba-Sibișel. Then, the road winds on the main street in Sibișel and at the exit of the village it reaches the granite field and the landslides, the last stop until you go back from where you started the trail.


Trail: Sânpetru – Situl La Scoabă – Dealul Gomodin – Dealul Bohodei – Dealul Ciurila – Dealul Săreanu – Valea Sibișelului – Gaterul pe apă – Casa Pietrelor – Ohaba-Sibișel – Vâltoare – Moară pe apă – Muzeul Sătesc Ohaba-Sibișel – Sibișel – Situl La Scoabă – Sânpetru
Time: 5:30 – 6:00 h
Altitude Difference: 418 m
Difficulty: Low
Observation: The trail can be used in all season.


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