This trail combines the Volcano Road with the wilderness area from the western Haţeg Country. From Sarmizegetusa you go over the hill to Poieni on a sector of average difficulty. In Poieni you can explore the wild bisons.

From here you follow the main road calld the Volcano Road. After you turn right at the intersection in Ștei village, on the left side you can see the traces of ancient volcanic eruptions from 70 million years ago. For more informations and experiences you can visit the House of Volcanoes (only with a reservation). The trail then brings you to the St. Nicholas orthodox church in Densuș, one of the most interesting medieval constructions in Romania. From here you go to Peșteana, where you can visit the two medieval churches, one orthodox and the other reformed. Also in Peșteana you can visit the Haţeg Village Museum and a 40 minutes hike gets you to the Pesteana Swamp natural reserve with carnivorous plants. The trail then returns to Sarmizegetusa through Breazova.


Trail: Sarmizegetusa – Poieni – Valea Criva – Densuș – Peșteana – Breazova – Sarmizegetusa
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 h
Altitude difference: 387 m
Difficulty: Moderate
Observation:  The trail can be used in all seasons.


In case of an emergency call:: 112 or 0 SALVAMONT +40 725 826 668