Narcissus Meadows

In order to get a feel for the post-glacial periods you can visit the Daffodil Meadows. Some plants that grow here have withstood the test of time since the cold eras, when the whole area was an immense taiga, similar to the one in Siberia nowadays.

You may ask yourselves how it is possible? Cold waters from the Retezat Mountains flow through the rock boulders under the soil layer and have the effect of a fridge, keeping the place cold. So, an island of refuge was formed here, with a cold and wet climate, where you can see plants that have survived since the times of the glaciers, as well as rare butterflies.

The reserve has an area of 20 ha, representing the vestige of an old hydrophilic association where the endemic plant Peucedanum rochelianum appears. The landscape aspect is given by the presence of yellow or white daffodils that bloom in May and early June.