The swamp with carnivorous plants

If you listen to the stories of the villagers from Peșteana, you will find out that nearby there is a swamp called Tăul fără Fund (Bottomless Pond), which communicates with the ocean and where the cattle that came to drink, pushed by the devil, got stuck.

It is worth a visit because the real story of this place is interesting. Even though you won’t find a muddy swamp, as you might imagine, you will discover a place where carnivorous plants grow.

You mustn’t imagine that they have huge tentacles and catch living beings. They are just small “traps for insects”, no taller than a few centimeters. Their leaves secrete a sticky substance, and the little insects get stuck among the hairs of the plant.

Tăul bău fund is also known as Peșteana Swamp, a botanical reserve, because there lives a carnivorous plant, Drosera rotundifolia or the very small Dew of Heaven, which is a glacial relic from the Ice Age.