Hateg Country Unesco Global Geopark

Hateg Country UNESCO Global Geopark is a member of the Global and European Geopark Networks. It covers 12 municipalities and contains remarkable geological values, as well as a natural and cultural wealth.

The Geopark is administered by the University of Bucharest, which ensures an integrated management centred on education, protection and sustainable development. The Geopark uses the local resources in order to give communities a sense of identity and to generate new local incomes, especially through geotourism.

By visiting the Geopark, you can travel back in time and explore the History of the Earth and the History of Mankind. There are 6 visitor attractions and numerous routes:

It is a special territory that invites you to take a real journey through the ages, through the history of the planet Earth: The time of the first rocks, which appeared 600 million years ago, The time of the Tethys Ocean and the Island of the Dwarf Dinosaurs, The time of the formation of the Retezat Mountains, Șureanu and Poiana Ruscă , The time of the last glaciation, The time of the first people, The time of the Dacians and the Romans, The time of knights, castles and stone churches, Our time, of the present.