Bison Reserve

Are you curious to see forests that look like those where the Dacians used to collect medicinal plants from for their famous cures? Would you like to find clearings similar to those where they built their houses? Then go on a trip to Slivuț Forest. It seems that this oak forest is like the forest used by the Dacians, providing both shelter for them and a dark maze for the enemies.

Today, the European bison bred in captivity are the main attraction of Slivuț forest. While centuries ago these animals were numerous in our forests, today you can only see them in reserves or zoos. It is worth going to see them: they are as vulnerable as they are massive and fierce-looking, being an endangered species.

An unwritten law, but strictly respected, says that the names of children born in our country must begin with the letter “R” or even with the sign “RO”. So, all the more than 50 “bisons” that saw the light of day in Haţeg, throughout the 54 years of the Reserve’s existence, bore such names.