The Noble Court of Sălașu de Sus

Would you like to know how a noble family from Țara Hațegului used to live during the Middle Ages?

Have you ever wondered how big a noble court was? Well, in Sălașu de Sus you can see the ruins of such a place.

The noble court of Sălașu de Sus was built in the late Middle Ages. The nobleman of these lands also had a fortress in Mălăiești, where he could flee to in case of danger. So in Sălașu de Sus he arranged a more comfortable home, where he could live in times of peace.

The rooms, built around an inner courtyard, were larger than those of the fortress. Besides, they had large windows with hand-made round glass panes. The windows were brick-vaulted but only a few pieces have survived until today.

The setting of the noble court was not chosen at random. There seems to have been an older fortified tower here, which was used to defend the road to the village, and which was integrated into the new building.