The Crivadia Tower

It is what has survived from a medieval customs tower.

You might think that the Crivadia ruins are the remains of a fortification. But in fact, it is what has been preserved from a medieval customs tower. It is said to have been built at the request of the noblemen from Țara Hațegului, who complained about the smuggling between the people of Hațeg and those from Oltenia.

The tower watched over the old road that linked Wallachia to Transylvania. No one knows how efficient it was because nowhere is its name mentioned in the following years. But it must have been a real fortification. It has very thick walls and narrow windows through which those who defended it could shoot without being shot at.

It was built on the edge of the Crivadia Gorge. In the past, the deep gorge offered extra protection to some of the fortification wall. Today, they make the Crivadia Tower a site with an overwhelming view.