In the ecotourism destination Țara Hațegului-Retezat, hospitality is everywhere. Here are some recommendations of guesthouses close to the foothills of the mountains and tourist attractions to enjoy your vacation in peace!


Start your adventure on two wheels in the ecotourism destination Șara Hațegului-Retezat! Discover 12 cycling routes to enjoy with family or friends on the hills and peaks of the area.


From stone churches to medieval fortifications, in Țara Hațegului-Retezat you have something to visit in your spare time! Local legends, traditional products, and hospitable people complete the unique tourist experience!


More than 70 million years ago Hațeh Island, part of the Thetys Ocean, was inhabited by dwarf dinosaurs, unique in the world. Traces of them can still be seen today.

Discover life-size dinosaur replicas and get mesmerized by the incredibly well preserved dinosaurs’ nests. The UNESCO Geopark’s visiting points are located in different villages within Țara Hațegului and offer wonderful experiences for visitors of all ages.

House of the Geopark

House of the Geopark The House of the Geopark is located in Hațeg, 9A Libertății Street and it encompasses the offices of the Hațeg Country UNESCO Global Geopark, as well as the exhibition ”Balaurs, Dragons, Dinosaurs”. The concept shows the legends of the balaurs, the dragons’ myths and the fascination for dinosaurs. The most interesting...

House of Science and Art

House of Science and Art The hero of the exhibition is the lifelike reproduction of the dinosaur Magyarosaurus dacus, exhibited outside. Inside there is another reconstruction – Zalmoxis robustus, as well as a collection of fossils which contains original nests with dinosaur eggs. The centre hosts temporary exhibitions by students from the National Art University (UNARTE) or by local...

House of Volcanoes

House of Volcanoes The House of Volcanoes is situated 3 km away from St. Nicholas Church in Densuș, towards Ștei village, 300 m off the road. It is a place where you can learn about the volcanoes that dominated the Hațeg Island 70 million years ago and whose traces are found in Densuș village today. The House...


Visit Țara Hațegului – Retezat. for a true nature and cultural experience! Once here you will discover an outstanding landscape with medieval churches and fortresses, caves inhabited since the Paleolithic, the mighty European bison and even dinosaurs. Local legends and welcoming people will make your staying here one of a kind!