Bison tracking

What to do in our free time? Here is a question we hear more and more often. Some of the
answers are these: I want to go somewhere quiet, with fresh clean air, in the
middle of nature, in the wild!

Well, Romania still keeps the largest wild areas in Europe, places where humans are
not a permanent presence, places where nature is home, where wild animals live
in peace. Romania still is a reservoir of wild fauna and flora, a true value
for the Old Continent.

Wild life can be seen on the “normal” mode, it can be observed by visitors without
affecting its natural course. We are referring to tours through natural forests
or the search for wild animal tracks, unused to human presence, or the direct
observation of animals in areas as far away as possible from the noise of our
vibrant life. Of course, the fact that for millennia these wild animals live
away from the human eyes, makes them more difficult to spot, a better training is
necessary, but the satisfaction and emotions lived during such an incursion are
a unique experience, the opposite of an agitated and asphyxiating daily life.